Estelle Tang

A repository of things that I have done.


I’m Estelle.

I’m a literary scout, staff writer at Rookie, and NYC-based writer.

Here are some things I have written:



A sampling of cultural criticism, personal essays, etc.:

Print clients include FrankieYen Magazine, the triple j annualThe Lifted Brow and Australian Book Review.

I run #pitchbitch.

Ronnie Scott and I have a food Tumblr called Flavour Palace.

I am a bibliotherapist at The School of Life.

I’m a program advisor at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

I have been editorial advisor at Paper Radio and online editor at Kill Your Darlings.

My long-lived but fairly fallow book blog is 3000 BOOKS.

Follow me @waouwwaouw (Twitter) or @waouwwaouw (Instagram).

Do you want to call me? estelle dot tang at gmail dot com